Flights to Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the significant beautiful destinations along South Carolina’s South Atlantic Coasts. This place was widely recognized for the comprehensive and lovely beaches, most significant golf links, outlet-style shopping spree, and delicious seafood. With its beauty that captivates the heart and soul, Myrtle Beach has been attracting more than 14 million tourists every year who come from the North and Southern States. Some of the visitors in Myrtle Beach already own a condominium in the area while others own timeshare along the sea coast.

While the spot might be called “The Grand Strand,” this particular term isn’t just limited to Myrtle Beach city. Various small towns to the south and north; Atlantic Beach, Surfside Beach, Briarcliffe, Garden City, Pawley’s Island, and Murrel’s Inlet, including Myrtle Beach make up the en masse, which is also known as “Grand Strand.”

Myrtle Beach is heavily crowded and developed in contrary to the other Southern Beaches like North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Furthermore, Myrtle Beach tends to be a highly favored tourist destination for families. The new roads developed have helped a lot in dealing with the congestion. Myrtle Beach also opens the right spot for tourists so they can visit even the other Huntington Beach State Park’s underdeveloped beaches.

How to Get to Myrtle Beach

One of the most comfortable and most convenient ways to get to Myrtle Beach is by plane. The Myrtle Beach International Airport plays a big part in transporting numerous tourists and travelers to and from Myrtle Beach. This international airport is said to be a work in progress. Most of the passengers and guests who arrive here from overseas or west coast usually fly to a major hub like Atlanta before connecting to their final destination in Myrtle Beach. There are many carriers offering flights to Myrtle Beach. There are lots of non-stop flights to serve more customers every day by providing them with affordable, convenient, and fast travel.

If you are wondering about the busiest routes from MYR are to Atlanta via Delta and to Charlotte via US Airways with various flights daily. Spirit Airlines provides regular flights to New York via LaGuardia. The United Airlines and American Airlines only have one flight into their hubs in Newark and Dallas. The Grand Strand Regional Airport, located in Myrtle Beach, serves chartered and private flights and the area.

Good Reasons to Book Flights to Myrtle Beach and Visit the Place

There are many good reasons to book a flight to Myrtle Beach and visit the place now. These include but not limited to, the following:

Beautiful Beaches

Image by McElspeth from Pixabay

There are 60 miles of beaches, and all of these are gorgeous and inviting with the white sands, sparkling waters, and countless possibilities. Regardless of what beach activities you love, you can experience and enjoy almost everything here. The sound you will hear from these beaches in the Atlantic, and it is calling for you.


Variety and Affordability

If you are thinking about the place to stay, you don’t have to worry because Myrtle Beach has

many options to fit your budget. That is one of the reasons why Myrtle Beach has become the favorite paradise visited by tourists and families every year. There are beach homes, condos, hotels, and even campgrounds to accommodate you and provide you comfort and convenience while you are away from home.

Lots of Entertainment

Image by Hilary Clark from Pixabay


There will never be dull and boring moments in Myrtle Beach, so if you are looking for real fun and adventure, book a flight to Myrtle Beach now and don’t miss the fun. You can earn while having fun as you wander through Wonderworks or journey at the Ripley’s Aquarium. There are also lots of entertainment waiting to be enjoyed at the Medieval Times and Pirate’s Voyage. You can watch some of the fantastic shows or join entertaining trips.

Delicious Foods


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

You don’t have to worry about feeling hungry if you are in Myrtle Beach because of the delicious foods to satisfy your savings, particularly your cravings for seafood. In the case of seafood isn’t your thing, you can also enjoy mouth-watering and juicy steaks. There are seafood grills and local restaurants serving flavorful meals.




Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

You can enjoy this place without worrying about your safety. There are security personnel and policemen on heightened alert, especially during peak season, where there’s an expected influx of tourists. Myrtle Beach is a well-patrolled community, and police visibility can make both locals and tourists feel safe.


Convenient and Reliable Myrtle Flights


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Getting to Myrtle Beach is made possible through convenient and reliable flights to Myrtle Beach. Getting there by plane is quick and hassle-free.

Airports Near Myrtle Beach

There are various choices when it comes to locating an airport in Myrtle Beach. If you need help in determining the airport nearest to your location or destination, you can seek advice from a reliable airport guide.

Myrtle Beach Jetport (MYR)

This is the closest airport to Myrtle Beach and nearest to the seashore. Upon landing, you are a few minutes away from world-class attractions and golf courses.

Florence Regional Airport (FLO)

Another choice you can consider is the Florence Regional Airport. Upon your arrival, Myrtle Beach is around an hour away via vehicle ride.

Wilmington NC International Airport (ILM)

Offering direct and non-stop flights from New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, flying to Wilmington International can be a right and suitable choice for your Myrtle Beach trip.

Myrtle Beach Flight Airline to Meet Your Travel Needs

The following partner airlines provide non-stop service to various destinations. Begin your next tour with any of the airlines at Myrtle Beach International Airport:

Allegiant Air

This airport is noted for its unmatched customer service. This was founded in the year 1997 and known to be a low-cost yet reliable airline.

American Airlines

This is a major airline in America located in Fort Worth, Texas. This is the largest airline in the world measured by revenue, fleet size, scheduled passengers being carried, kilometers-passengers flown, and the destinations served, including Myrtle Beach.

Delta Air Lines

This airline is a leader in international and domestic travel and offers flight s and tickets to more than 300 destinations in about 60 countries worldwide. Whether traveling for pleasure or business, this airline provides money-saving options to suit your needs and budget. There is an extensive network of comfortable jets to take you to your destination. Those who are bound to Myrtle Beach can book flights to Myrtle Beach now.

Frontier Airlines

This is an ultra-low-cost American carrier situated in Denver, Colorado. This is the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States. This operates flights to more than 100 destinations throughout the US and six international destinations. Frontier Airlines employs over 3000 air travel experts.

Porter Airlines

Individuals can also book for Myrtle Beach flights with Porter Airlines. These regional airlines located in Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in Toronto Islands Toronto and Ontario Canada. This operates scheduled flights regularly.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a leading low-cost airline in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This flies to more than 60 destinations and with over 500 passengers or more served daily.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country also flies to Myrtle Beach. Individuals planning to visit can book Myrtle Beach flights now and can take advantage of the safe, fast, and reliable airport transportation services that the airline offers.

United Airlines

This airline offers great deals on flights. If you are headed to Myrtle Beach, book a flight now and get there without delays and hassles.


If looking for round trip Myrtle Beach flights, WestJet got you covered.

Knowing that there are airports in Myrtle Beach and partner airlines operating to meet the airport transportation needs of passengers, going to Myrtle Beach has become a lot easier and more convenient.

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