How to weigh luggage at home without a scale?

How to weigh luggage at home without a scale?

Recently, the majority of airlines have imposed strict restrictions on the size and weight of the luggage a passenger can carry. Passengers are expected to pay luggage fees based on the number of suitcases and bags. To save themselves from paying the hefty luggage fee, people began stuffing everything in one suitcase. Sometimes the weight of these bags and suitcases crossed the 100-pound mark on the weight scale.

To prevent the passengers from stuffing everything in one luggage, the airlines set strict restrictions over the weight a passenger can take with them. People who do not comply with the luggage-restrictions have to face troubles during check-in and the boarding process.

The boarding officers might ask these passengers to leave their luggage behind or reduce the weight of the luggage right there and then. Both these situations can be very embarrassing for the passengers.

Want to save yourself from this stressful and embarrassing situation at the airport? Contact the airline if you do not know about their luggage restrictions. Once you get to know about the allowed weight, make sure you proceed with your packing accordingly.

Thinking of how to know the exact weight of your luggage? Here is how you can weigh your 18x14x8 luggage without a scale at home!

Using Bathroom Scale

Using Bathroom Scale

It is normal not to have a luggage weight scale at home, and in such a situation, you can bring your bathroom scale in use. Even though these scales will not tell you the exact weigh but you will have a rough idea about it, which can help you in repacking if required.

Stand on the bathroom scale and note down your weight. Hold your luggage in your hand and stand on the bathroom scale again. Subtract your weight from the combined weight of you and the luggage. It will give you an approximate value of your luggage weight.

Head to a Grocery Store

Head to a Grocery Store
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If you want to pack your 18x14x8 travel bag according to the airline luggage requirements and do not have a scale at home, you can head to the nearest grocery store. Most of the grocery stores have weighing scales that are perfect for weighing large objects such as your Lucas suitcase.

Luggage with Scales

If you purchase the modern suitcases and travel bags that come equipped with a luggage scale, you do not have to worry about not having a weighing scale at home. You can give up the guessing game altogether with ae luggage with scales.

Travel Agencies

People who are traveling through a travel agency do not have to worry about weighing their luggage. The travel agents will do the weighing for their customers on request. These agents are well aware of the airline restrictions and will even provide you tips to pack in the right way to avoid a stressful situation at the airport.

A luggage-situation at the airport can be very embarrassing and can even ruin your entire trip. Therefore, it is best to weigh your bags before your flight so that you can board your flight without any hassle!

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