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Over the years, summers have turned out to be hotter than we remembered. Sometimes it gets so hot that it gets hard to continue the day without turning on the AC at least once. So what is the solution? Well ensuring that global warming stops, but that is another issue, the best way to get out of the heat is by taking a little trip to a place where there is snow! Yes, it isn’t easy finding snow in the summer, but you can find some and even ski when you travel up the mountain.

Imagine being able to ski without your hands freezing off. Warm weather skiing is one of the best adventures you can have in your lifetime, and the best part is that it won’t cost you an arm or a leg! You can simply book tickets and go skiing Apache to enjoy various adventures and skiing at Aki apache.

A little about Ski Apache 

Ruidoso Skiing

Ski Apache is New Mexico’s southernmost ski area where you will find snow on 33% of the mountain and powder skiing in warm weather. You will be able to get a taste of different slopes ranging from beginner slopes to huge bowls. Bump runs to cruising runs, and even a terrain park where you will be able to enjoy a few rails, jumps and tubes. Some of the best features of Ski apache are:

  • Sierra Blanca has an alpine peak of more than 12,000 feet
  • The Gazebo has an elevation of about 11,500 feet
  • Geographically you will find it to be a perfect position for skiing of a lifetime.
  • The weather is perfect for skiing in North America.
  • You will find 11 lifts to take you to the top; this includes the only passenger Gondola.
  • There is a vertical drop of about 1,900 feet.
  • You will find more than 750 skiable acres.

Spending the summer at Ski Apache 

If you don’t believe us, then check out some more Ski Apache reviews or Ruidoso Skiing reviews, and you will find out that you will be able to make the trip to ski apache on a small budget. Don’t worry, in this case, a small budget does not mean that you will not get to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and Alpine peaks. You will be able to ride the gondola over the gorgeous green valleys while getting a good look at the snowy alpine peaks. You can even do a little shopping and eat great food while getting the best views when you reach the top Gazebo. It is a small world that you would not want to leave behind. And all can be covered in a small budget and the summer season!

Features of Ski Apache 

How To Get To Ski Apache

Ski Apache has become a premier destination for summer vacations, and all this is because of the features that the place offers. They are sure to make your trip a memorable one. one of the most popular features, besides skiing, is the zip line tour, where you get a chance to try out the highest launch point in the world which is about 11,000 feet above sea level. it is also the third-longest tour of zip line that all over the world. you can enjoy the tour with your friends on the side, or even alone like a superhero and zip down facing the mountains at about 65 mph.

That is not it, you get the chance of going for mountain biking as well; the mountain biking trails are over 10 miles long, and they cater to beginners, intermediates, and experts as well. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful views as you ride your bike on a mountain top amongst the snow! If you want to try a higher level trail, then expect to find some man-made features like the pavers and step-ups, these are made so that experienced bikers can get their adrenaline on and enjoy some great bike trails.

The natural beauty that comes with the Sierra Blanca Mountains is what makes this place the perfect place that hikers dream about. Whether you are a hiker or not the hiking trails will cater to your needs. You can use the hard trails and climb up to get those muscles rolling, or just take a small stroll on the trails; you will be accompanied by gorgeous views and perfect weather conditions to have an adventure of a lifetime. And if you get tired of hiking up the mountain, then you can simply ride the gondola back down, and the best part is that that ride is free of charge.

Other than that, you will find a lot more entertainment at the lodge as well. You can experience Las Vegas-style casinos and some fine dining as well. You will find a bunch of different game options in the casino, and have a great night by visiting the night clubs there.

Lodges at Ski Apache 

You do not have to worry about Ski Apache lodging as you will find a bunch of lodging options at Aki Apache, and all of them will be a perfect fit for your budget. However, the lodging and cabin styles of different lodges are quite different from one another, so you will need to decide which one you would like to go for. You will find a good lot of cabins near Ski Apache, some of which allow pets, some don’t, some with breathtaking views, some with great views, some newly built, some remodeled, but overall, lodging is great and the cabins are clean so you will have no complaints about where you stay. You can also pre-book your Ski Apache lift tickets, just look for the option online and do so; this will save you from spending a bunch of time in long lines.


So, how to get to Ski Apache? Well you can book your trip via an online website, or you can go through the whole process on your own including booking the tickets, etc. just make sure to do some research online for the best deals and to get an idea of the prices and places. Once you are there, you will not regret the decision of travelling for an adventure to Ski Apache.

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