What happens if your carry on is too big?

What happens if your carry on is too big?

The trend of traveling with carry-ons is gaining rapid popularity all around the world. These bags offer amazing benefits to travelers, and that is why it is becoming a popular choice. By carrying these handy and small bags, you can free yourself from a lot of stress and hassle.

You can easily keep track of your luggage, and handling these small bags is much easier than handling bulky suitcases. When you have a small bag with you, security is not something to worry about. You can always keep the bag with you. The less luggage you have, the better will be your trip. Most importantly, traveling with a 18x14x8 carry-on bag will help you save money.

Checking-in luggage costs can significantly add to your traveling costs. The more bags you have with you, the higher check-in luggage costs you will have to pay. You can easily travel to cheap public transport and avoid expensive taxis. Moreover, most of the time, these carry-on bags stay unnoticed and save you from paying a hefty luggage fee.

Traveling with a Big Carry-on

Traveling with a Big Carry-on
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The sizes of carry-ons vary with every manufacturer. Before you start shopping for your travel bag, you need to contact the airline and ask about the carry-on size allowed. Different manufacturers offer different sized carry-ons. You can go through the Lucas luggage sizes and choose the one that is permitted by the airline you are traveling in.

Traveling with a carry-on does have a lot of benefits, only when the size is acceptable by the airline. In case the size of your carry-on bag is of a size larger than the permissible size, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of traveling with a carry-on!

Included in the Checked-in Luggage

The concept of traveling with a carry-on bag is gaining popularity because passengers do not have to pay for it. When the size of the bag is too big, you will end up paying the hefty baggage fee. Not paying the check-in luggage fee is the reason why you chose a carry-on bag in the first place.

Replacing the Bag

Replacing the Bag
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If the size is too big and exceeds the limit set by the airline, the boarding officers might ask the passengers to pay the fees or replace it with a smaller one. In this case, you might have to lessen the stuff you are carrying, but it will help you avoid paying the luggage fee.

Leaving the Carry-on at the Airport

Some airlines are very critical about the size and weight of the luggage. They are very strict about their regulations and allow passengers to carry bags that comply with their rules. You might have to leave your carry-on bag at the airport if things do not work out for you, and you do not have a backup bag with you.

You must contact the airline and ask about the permissible weight and size of not just the suitcases but even of the carry-on bags. You do not want to get stuck at the airport or leave your essentials behind!

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