What if my carry on is one inch too big?

What if my carry on is one inch too big?

For many people, packing for a trip is a nightmare. The thought of packing all the essential stuff in small luggage seems impossible. What makes packing stressful is the weight of the bags. You have to pack all the essentials but ensure that you comply with the airline luggage regulations. Every airline has its weight and size limitations for luggage. Not adhering to these regulations can end up in a not-so-satisfying manner.

When you cross the weight or the size limitations set by an airline, you will have to leave your luggage behind. If leaving the bags behind is not an option, you will have to rush to get a new, smaller bag and transfer the stuff into it, all before the time of flight. It can ruin your entire vacation and might even cause you to lose your flight.

You have weighed and measured your carry on, and you just realized that it is one inch too big. Can you not think of a solution? Well, we have got your back. Here are some ways you can address the “one inch too big” carry on problems!

Shipping Bags in Advance

Shipping Bags in Advance
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A smart option for people traveling interstate is to ship their bags in advance if they fear they have a lot of luggage. Stuffing your carry on with excessive stuff can bring the attention of the boarding officers, and you might end up leaving your bag behind or paying a hefty luggage fee.

If your carry-on is exceeding the size restriction, you can ship the excessive stuff to your destination before your flight. You can easily save yourself from paying a hefty fee on your luggage with this method. However, it is an option only for people traveling interstate. It is a costly option when traveling overseas.

Keeping a Back-up Bag

Well, your luck might not always be in your favor. If things do not go well, a back-up bag will come in very handy. Buy a softer carry-on bag and keep it with you for a luggage emergency. A softer carry-on can easily be compressed to pass the size-check.

Take Only One Bag

Take Only One Bag
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Carrying too much luggage draws unwanted attention towards travelers. The key is to reduce your luggage to a minimum and try to pack everything in a Lucas suitcase. The less luggage you have on yourself, the easier it is for you to avoid the check-in desk.

An airline does not check all bags, and the chances of your luggage getting checked are high if you have a lot of it. One way to avoid getting caught is to reduce the number of suitcases and carry-ons.

Check-in Online

Checking in online and printing the boarding pass in advance is another smart way which can help you take your oversized carry-on along with you without getting noticed. You can go straight to security, past the check-in desk!

These are the smartest ways you can take your one-inch-too-big carry-on along with you. To avoid the stress, you must ensure that you carry-on and the Lucas suitcase does not cross the limit set by an airline.

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